FlyteOps is a drone flight-management company dedicated to supporting experimental, commercial and civilian drone operations. The company comprises professional drone operators, commercial general aviation pilots, project managers, flight-planning experts, sensor specialists and electronic engineers. This recently formed aviation company is based in Dublin, Ireland with connections across Europe and North America. FlyteOps possesses an extensive inventory of licensed platforms (light aircraft, VTOL & fixed-wing drones), sensor/pods (surveillance, mapping, environmental) and computational resources (workstations, cloud & mobile).


Light Aircraft

Operating light aircraft with multiple sensor configurations for aerial works 


Commercial general aviation pilots, drone operators & flight planning experts


On-demand aerial services using UAV's with a range of sensors & payloads 


What We Do

FlyteOps provides a range of professional services to support present and future drone operations, which include the following:

Risk Analysis & Mission Operations

  • Preparation of risk analysis and flight operations for drones using published industry standards including JARUS-RPAS’s Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) and EASA’s Concept of Operations for Drones.
  • Mode-S and ADS-B for multi-platform integration testing.
  • Support simple flight mission scenarios to more complex collaborative/swarm configuration and multiple aerial/ground based asset integration.
  • Managing complete drone operation cycle from user-needs & requirements, mission planning (CONOPS/SORA), securing permissions, stakeholder liaison, logistics, flight sorties, emergency event handling, data gathering, post-mission debrief and report compilation.

VTOL, Fixed-Wing & Hybrid Operators

  • Professional qualified VTOL, fixed-wing and hybrid operators with extensive experience on many drone platform types – from 2kg up to 45kg (MTOW).
  • In-house flight mission directors, drone pilot/operators & safety personnel.
  • Extensive network of additional pilots/operators in Europe and North America.
  • Access to in-house VTOL, fixed-wing platforms and wide array of sensors & down-stream data handling expertise.

Platform Configuration & Sensor Integration

  • Hands-on experience with payload, enclosure/sensor-pod design & sensor integration.
  • Surveillance/monitoring: multi sensor gyrostabilisation & ISR solutions.
  • Mapping/surveying: RGB, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal & LiDAR.
  • Environmental: air quality, water quality & noise.
  • Navigation: GNSS/IMU.
  • Communication: C2 Telemetry & data/video downlinking.
  • Cloud platform architecture & data handling.

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FlyteOps uses light aircraft, drone platforms and sensor technologies to allow the end-user to specify exactly what aerial services they require, without having to deal with day to day complexities of operational tasks. 

We provide our clients with a highly skilled, technically competent team to carry out both manned and unmanned aircraft operations. Our primary focus relates to the integration of unmanned systems into various sectors, including SAR, surveying/mapping, inspection and aerial robotics to enable businesses make informed decisions based upon accurate analytics. 

Capturing data that is on-time, accurate and strategically aligned is essential to producing business insights worth acting on.



The company is currently supporting various present-day drone operations across many verticals including mapping/monitoring, surveillance, inspection, logistics and specialist services e.g. emergency management. The overall aim of the company, however, is to play a key role in enabling the transition to safe and regulated Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) operation. 


FlyteOps works with our clients to support your drone operational needs, right from that first single experimental drone operation to rolling out large-scale commercial services within your organisation.

Current Projects

  • Coast Guard emergency response planning
  • Drafting wind-farm mapping methodology using combined light aircraft & drones
  • Sensor-cluster and enclosure/pod design & testing
  • Government transportation agency R&D
  • University research projects
  • Developing utility infrastructure monitoring and inspection best practice guidance



Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) describes a broad range of concepts and solutions designed to facilitate unmanned air-traffic management. FlyteOps see new UTM services as a global network of interconnected online databases talking a common language, where air traffic data is collated and shared instantly, permitting UAV operators to have realtime air-traffic information. 

Airspace Integration

FlyteOps is an aviation technology company aiming to create global solutions that expedite safe and secure airspace integration for unmanned aircraft. Growth in the UAV market for applications such as law enforcement, weather monitoring, disaster recovery, pipeline inspection and cargo delivery will not only benefit our company, it will benefit our existing clients across many sectors. 

Unmanned Air Mobility

Autonomous UAV's are revolutionising the entire transportation network and supply chain creating opportunities in multiple industry sectors including manufacturing, technology, transport, logistics, insurance, health, municipal planning and infrastructure. This will require unmanned regulatory and policy framework that will govern the implementation of this technology. 


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